3 Year, Residential, Bachelor Degree Programme

Admissions open for 2022-23

Programme Introduction

B.A. (Hons) in Gender Studies offers the degree programme motivated by the commitment to its motto of providing public service and invests faith in the educational and professional potential of Gender Studies. The approach of JGLS is to develop progressive-minded citizens who uphold the core value of gender equality, leading the nation to a future that is inclusive and equitable.

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Programme Objective

  • Providing students with an epistemological consciousness and spirit of inquiry along with intellectual diversity, rigor, and discourse of Gender Studies.
  • Sensitize the students about gender issues in society which help in engendering respect for gender equality and gender identities.
  • Motivate students to perform gender identities through gendered and cross-gendered roles such that not only they obtain a self-identification with one’s own gender but also an identification with the identities and experiences of other genders.
  • Enabling students to understand the role of gender in human biological and social existence, e.g., breaking social stereotypes which perpetuate oppression of one gender by the other; re-discover and improve human social relationships in love, sex, reproduction, and care; and re-organize the configurations of power in gendered relations.
  • Imparting skills in intersectional communication, inter-linking and cross-linking gendered subjects and communities, production and dissemination of gender-based research outputs, counselling and mentoring, prevention of gender-based violence, campaigning and fundraising, building accountability frameworks, and gender sensitization among social clusters and communities.

Core and Elective Courses

Core Courses

Semester 1

  • Gender and Epistemologies [AECC 4 credits]
  • Gender Research Methodology [AECC 4 credits]
  • Introduction to Feminism [CC 4 +2 credits]
  • Masculinity and Men in Society [CC 4 +2 credits]
  • Foundations of Queer Studies [SEC 4 credits]
  • Internship I [2 credits]

Semester 2

  • Psychology of Gender [GE 4 credits]
  • Gender and Sexuality [CC 4 +2 credits]
  • Gender and Human Rights [SEC 4 credits]
  • Feminist Theories [CC 4+2 credits]
  • Reading Group 1 [SEC 4 credits]
  • Internship II [2 credits]

Semester 3

  • Gender and Popular Culture [CC 4+2 credits]
  • Gender and Intersectionality [GE 4+2 credits]
  • Constitution of India and Gender [SEC 4 credits]
  • Caste, Race, and Gender [CC 4+2 credits]
  • Gender Clinic 1 [SEC 4 credits]
  • Internship III [2 credits

Semester 4

  • ● Gender Movements in India [CC 4+2 credits]
  • ● Respectability Politics [CC 4+2 credits]
  • ● Gender and Religion [CC 4+2 credits]
  • ● Reading Group 2 Gender Clinic 1 [SEC 4 credits]
  • ● Internship IV [2 credits]

Semester 5

  • Artificial Intelligence and Gender Equality [CC 4+2 credits]
  • Gender and Anthropocene [GE 4+2 credits]
  • JGU Elective I [DSE 4+2 credits]
  • Gender Clinic 2 [DSE 4+2 credits]
  • Internship V [2 credits]

Semester 6

  • Gender and Conflict [GE 4+2 credits]
  • Reading Group 3 [CC 4 credits]
  • JGU Elective II [DSE 4+2 credits]
  • Gender Clinic 2 [DSE 4+2 credits]

Reading Groups:

Reading Groups are open-ended courses which are meant for the reading and discussion of relevant gender related literature. This course is introduced considering the importance of experiences and narratives of social subjects and scholarly discourses for developing an understanding of the issues surrounding gender.

Course Structure

Courses under the degree programme, B.A.(Hons) in Gender Studies are provided in a necessary sequential order in view of the philosophy and intended outcomes of the programme, and in compliance with the UGC guidelines laid down in the “Minimum Course Curriculum for Undergraduate Courses Under Choice Based Credit System”. Accordingly, courses are classified into the following categories:

  • Core Course(CC):

    • Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses (AECC): Knowledge enhancement courses
    • Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC): Value-based and/or skill-based courses
  • Elective course:

    • Discipline Specific Elective (DSE): Courses specific to the major for gaining advanced knowledge
    • Generic Elective (GE): Courses which are interdisciplinary in nature.

Careers for BA (Hons) in Gender Studies Students

JGLS has entered into multiple MoUs and collaborations to facilitate internships and placements for JGLS students and graduates. JGLS also has extensive ties within government, businesses, and civil society, which are used to assist in placing our students and graduates. Our graduating students can opt for diverse careers in organizations ranging from Advocacy, Activism, Campaign, Legal aid, Action Research, Gender and social inclusion advising, and Policy Making.

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Course Fee (Yearly)

Rs. 3.5 Lacs


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3 Years

Programme Start

1st August 2022

Last Date to Apply

31 May 2022

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