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B.A. Legal Studies

3 Year, Residential, Bachelor Degree Programme

Admissions open for 2024-25

Programme Introduction

This B.A  Legal Studies programme aims to nurture legal imagination among young students and build a strong foundation to study law and social sciences in the future or be absorbed into legal and allied fields. This programme was the first-ever multi-disciplinary undergraduate degree in legal studies which was launched in 2020-21 academic year.

Programme Objectives

  • Provide students with an understanding of the context in which legal work is performed.
  • Create the legal imagination that is needed for shaping the framework within which legal work is performed
  • Provide students with a comprehensive exposure to the Indian legal system through experiential learning by way of internships
  • Impart skills essential of the performance pre-legal and paralegal work
  • Provide students with a sound understanding of the history and organization of legal systems from national, international and comparative perspectives
  • Provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the substance of relevant laws in India
  • Familiarise students with the major legal and political discourses in India and worldwide

WHY study B.A  Legal Studies

Learn about the world-class legal education offered at JGLS.

Programme Brochure

  • Fees and Scholarship Details
  • Programme Modalities, Curriculum and Pedagogy
  • Global Faculty and International Advisors
  • Career and Employment Opportunities
  • Semester Abroad and Dual Degree Opportunities
  • Amenities and Facilities
  • Student Societies and Extra-Curricular Activities

Core and Elective Courses

Core Courses

Key:CC = Core Course (4 credits of teaching + 2 credits of debate/advocacy tutorial); AECC = Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course; SEC = Skill Enhancement Course; DSE = Elective: Discipline Specific; GE = Elective: Generic (compulsory)

Semester 1

  • Introduction to Logic [AECC 4 credits]
  • Legal English [AECC 4 credits]
  • Introduction to World’s Legal Systems [CC 4+2 credits]
  • Political and Legal Thought [CC 4 +2 credits]

Semester 2

  • History of Courts, Legislature and Legal Profession in India [CC 4+2 credits]
  • Legal Research and Methodology [CC 4 +2 credits]
  • Economic Theory [AECC 4 credits]
  • Theory & Practice of Contracts in India [GE 4 credits]
  • Introduction to the Constitution of India [CC 4+2 credits]

Semester 3

  • Criminal Justice System in India [CC 4+2 credits]
  • International Law and Relations [CC 4 credits]
  • Gender and Society [SEC 4 credits]
  • Commercial Transactions [CC 4+2 credits]

Semester 4

  • Constitutional Theory [CC 4+2 credits]
  • Foundations of Human Rights [CC 4+2 credits]
  • Corporate Governance in India [CC 4+2 credits]
  • Administrative Framework in India  [SEC 4 credits]
  • Legal Protection of Environment [GE 4+2 credits]

Semester 5

  • Cross Border Trade and Investment [CC 4+2 credits]
  • Financial Market Regulation [CC 4+2 credits]
  • JGLS Elective I [DSE 4+2 credits]
  • JGLS Elective II [DSE 4+2 credits]

Semester 6

  • Advanced Legal Writing [GE 4+2 credits]
  • Regulation of Technology and the Cyber Space [CC 4+2 credits]
  • JGLS Elective III [DSE 4+2 credits]

Careers for BA  in Legal Studies Students

JGLS has entered into multiple MoUs and collaborations to facilitate internships and placements for JGLS students and graduates. JGLS also has extensive ties within government, businesses, and civil society, which are used to assist in placing our students and graduates. Our graduating students have opted for diverse careers in organizations ranging from law firms, corporates, senior counsels, think-tanks, start-ups, and public policy organizations, among others.

The school also has a Committee of International Lawyers (J-CIL), a New York-based association of practising lawyers from leading law firms worldwide, who are committed to helping JGLS provide advice and career counselling for students and graduates.

Our Recruiters



Course Fee (Yearly)

Rs. 3.5 Lacs


Jindal Global Law School


3 Years

Programme Start

1st August 2024

Last Date to Apply

31 July 2024

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For B.A. Legal Studies [3 year]

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For B.A. Criminology and Criminal Justice [3 year]

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For LL.M. [1 year]

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BA in Legal Studies (3 Year)